Massage Danger

Massage Danger

Massage Danger

(looks best full screen; click once; and once more on the image and then F11) (More Narratives at: ; or in Portfolio2, above)

    • Glad you found it; I was worrying already 😉 This is just a continuation of the first, which is ‘full’. So I had to..

      • Yeah, I only just read that on your old site. I get behind with visiting blogs a lot these days and tend to do catch ups where I view a bunch of posts at once. When did you start the other one, Harrie?

        • On the 25th of March. I had hoped that I could finish the Malaysia trip on the old one; but that wasn’t the case… An other 3GB to go… And then ‘harrie nijland 3’, if I make it.. 🙂

          • Sorry, Harrie, I meant when did you start the original site. How long did it take for you to use up all your space,

          • 🙂 I misunderstood; I started the first on 10-9-2012; 3 years and 7 months ago. After a few months, I started posting almost every day. And those travel stories, with 10-15 photo’s take quite some space.

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