1. Really beautiful. Midnight aging. 🙂

  2. I’m going to enjoy this one as my desktop image for a while… ;o)

  3. Harrie, I really like the blue but it’s the lines that keep moving my eye toward the center.

  4. Whoo, what colours. I like the rough patterns and the rust. Very good!

    • Danke; It was a thick steelplate, lying on the ground and the lines were scratches, made by carwheels a d whatever…

  5. Fabulous colour, amazing photograph…interested to see that it was a steelplate lying on the ground covered in scratches. You really captured something special there.

    • Thank you, Cara. It’s my choice to shoot it as a total abstract. And because of that, I think I have te freedom to enhance the colours towards how I feel they should be. The steelplate has it’s character and colours, as a potential; and I try to show it as beautiful as ‘I’ can… 😏

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