1. stoned… and the beauty here, to my eyes at least, is all in the tones… soft and yet powerful tones…

    • Thanks, Caroline. I shot this as a ‘still life’; the stones looked somehow arranged, but not by me; and I liked the colour as well.

      • I didn’t think you had arranged them, Harrie… In the fields, here, farmers often get the stones out of the field and stack them around a tree… I’ve always liked that, the beauty of stones piled up close to a tree.

        • I didn’t think that you thought that…. 😁 I liked the stones; is there a reason to put them there?

          • … to get them out of the way of the machinery… and still know where they are…😁 at least that’s what I’ve always thought…

          • That makes sense; I’m gonna put my wallet and house-keys under a tree right now… 😉

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