1. Indeed we are. And equally pretentious.
    Beautiful picture, Harrie.
    The “people are small” vision always resonates very much for me.

    • I think people should live with nature; and not exploit and polute it for greedy profits. A lot of people think like that; but ‘the others’ have the economical power. They own the big business and have the biggest bankaccounts; but are the truely small ones… That’s why I love to crawl around in rough nature far away from it all… Thanks for the appreciation.

      • I’m with you all the way on this. Thank you Harrie. For being there.

        • Thank you, Caroline. The good thing about this blogging is that you meet friends you never would have met; the bad thing is that they are far, far away, physically seen… See you anyway! ‚úč

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