CubeHouses prt4

CubeHouses prt4.1

CubeHouses prt4.1

What I like most about these CubeHouses is to walk in between them. It feels like walking in a huge, 3D kaleidoscope; almost every step brings a new view.

CubeHouses prt4.2

CubeHouses prt4.2

CubeHouses prt4.3

CubeHouses prt4.3

      • Yes, I’ve been there, Harrie. I even visited a flat, just for curiosity. I am still half-time in Wassenaar, half-time in Charleville … for about 16 months. Have a lovely day.

        • Then you know how it is, in there… I love the dunes around Wassenaar; we ate a lot of pancakes in the Boerderij at Meijendel, when the kids were younger. Ditto day!

    • Thanks, Adrian. I was using my friends Zeiss Loxia 21mm F2.8 for the first time.. The weather wasn’t on our side.

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