Spain Tercui

Spain Tercui

Spain Tercui

Going to Tercui, Spain today. The Ladakh series will continue ‘robot’… will be silent. Have fun and see you in three weeks.

(looks best full screen; click once; and once more on the image and then F11)

  1. It’s a gorgeous picture.
    Have a good trip in that Spain you love.

  2. Beautiful place with plenty to do all around ! Have a great stay there, Harrie. Personally, I do not use programmed posts. Something in myself is reluctant to do that. I do not know why.

    • I can imagine that it is less personal for you. For me the Ladakh series is showing shots of an ‘old’ trip; a complete story that I was not able to finish before we went to Spain. So I scheduled the rest of the set. ✋

      • It is more that my cartoons tell something of my mood of the day, even if I drew them before. There are coincidences which I really like I would loose something if I posted automatically. I also have to reckon : I tried and I failed. I wait for the rest of the Ladakh posts and then to Spain ! Have a super stay down there, Harrie

        • I fully understand your ‘situation’.. It’s great here; see you, Gilles. ✋

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