Counting Sheep from above

Counting Sheep from above

Counting Sheep from above


Evening in The Hague. At the end of the day a short thunderstorm cooled down the heat of the last days. Yesterday my wife and me returned home, from a holiday in Tercui in the North of Spain. Well, I had been there before… So let’s just start with the first shot.

(looks best full screen; click once; and once more on the image and then F11)

    • 🙂 We won’t be able to go to Spain this year… Lots of snow in the winter and a lot of heavy rain the last months, have turned the rivers into pretty wild streams; and the bridge to Tercui is to far under the watersurface… So, we have booked a last minute to a little Ferienhaus in Germany.

      • Well, I wish you the best trip there. And I have no doubts that you’ll get a few great shots out of it!

        • Thanks, Caroline; ☺ you can put me anywhere with a camera.. ✋

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