1. Pretty much like my neighborhood. In the early 1900s, people built on narrow, but long tracks of land to avoid the tax code.
    The code had something to do with width.

    • Strange, one dimensional habit… (We stayed in the house on the left).

  2. I like Steely Dan too. Used too anyways.
    Nice picture. What a view. Listening to whomever. ;o)

    • I don’t listen to them very often anymore; but when I do, they still grab me; just like King Crimson; Peter Gabriel and 10cc, for example..

  3. Nice picture, Harry. Narrow streets were also to protect the houses from the sun in summer. The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, Nick Drake, Dead Can Dance …

  4. Jan Jonker said:

    “turn up the eagles, the neighbors are listening” (Everything you did, Steely Dan);-) Better even turn up Steely Dan itself, or Jackson Browne…..it made our breakfast extra enjoyable…Thanks Harrie

    • Bingo! Dat twee autonome muziekliefhebbers zomaar even een tekstflard uit het gehele Steely Dan repertoire ophoesten, pleit wel voor ons! 🙂 Ik was met die foto bezig, en ineens kwam die titel opborrelen… Leuk dat je reageert! Adios!

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