The 50/50 Bridge

The 50/50 Bridge

The 50/50 Bridge

This is the bridge over the ‘Riu Noguera Ribagorcana’. To the right it goes up to Tercui over a steep, winding ‘road’. To the left it goes to the N-230; the main road to civilization. On the left side of the river is Aragón; on the right side is Catalunya. The border between these two lies in the middle of the river…, which is expressed in the construction of the bridge; bit schizo..

(looks best full screen; click once; and once more on the image and then F11)

    • It’s always hard to get someone going when the bridge needs some maintenance; they keep pointing at each other..

  1. Mario said:

    It looks to be a wonderful place. Especially Tercui. A village on a hill. Good day !

    • Sometimes the water rises and goes over the bridge; first in Aragón… 🙂

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