A Dark Day prt6

Back from the OR

Back from the OR

A little before 20:00 hours, Annemieke was brought to her room, bed 119. She had been in the OR for almost 3,5 hours. They had screwed a piece of metal-plate into her bones, to fix the wrist. She had to stay in the hospital that night. I could not; and the hospital closed at 21:00. So I could only stay a short while with Annemieke. The friendly lady from the reception counter helped me to find a hotel and ordered a taxi that brought me to hotel Zum Buchenberg in Rodt. In the way too large room I finally came to a halt… After a long shower and some World Cup soccer on a Flemish TV channel, that only reached the front side of my eyes, I managed to get some sleep.
The next morning I was the first to use the included breakfast; one of my loneliest ever.. Around 08:00 me and an increasing number of schoolkids were waiting for the schoolbus to Sankt Vith. The busdriver dropped me off in front of the hospital, for free; he must have noticed that I wasn’t having the happiest moments of my life…

Lonely breakfast in Rodt

Lonely breakfast in Rodt

Lonely breakfast in Rodt prt2

Lonely breakfast in Rodt prt2

  1. Harrie, I know that you’re pleased that everything is working out for the best. Very sorry that you two had to go through this. Continued success.

  2. P1XL8 said:

    Wishing Annemieke a speedy recovery.

  3. I feel like I’m right there with you, Harrie. Not a fun event. But nice story telling.

  4. Kaya said:

    I am with you and your wife! I wish her a fast recovery!!!

  5. Yes, wishing your wife a full recovery, my friend. I also have to say that, again, this is a very powerful and from the heart, human post – congratulations might seem a strange word in this context but they’re due – and if the making of the post has helped you personally to keep afloat, then they’re doubly due. Adrian

    • We say thank you, Adrian! And thanks a lot for the appreciation. It’s good to read that my intentions have found their way. I take your congratulations as a celebration on Β΄true human contactΒ΄ πŸ™‚ and: ‘When it’s out, one can take distance’.. πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  6. I wish Annemieke a full recovery, and am sorry you have both had to have this unpleasant experience. Best wishes.

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