A Dark Day prt7

Next morning

Next morning

When I entered room 119-120, there was a smile.. They had treated her well, and we could leave around noon. While the nurses prepared Annemieke for the take off, I managed to arrange a taxi-bus that was able to pick up our bikes as well. At 13:00 we left the hospital. The taxidriver was a non-formal nice guy. The helpful Dutch people had dropped our bikes at an old hotel, which was easy to find, and finally we reached our ferienhaus in Germany. The taxidriver reduced the price with €20,- and wished us good luck. And then we had to find out how to get along…

Next patient

Next patient

  1. Jag said:

    I am sorry for your wife’s accident, Harrie.. Hope she will recover soon. Best wishes.

  2. Mic. said:

    So sorry to read about this accident, harrie; Best wishes to you and especially your wife for her recovery.

  3. Hoping she has a speedy recovery. Treat her well, Harri, she looks like a keeper!

  4. Don’t we love non-formal nice guys, even more in those moments…

    • Yes, people who think that there are other things more important in life than making as much money as you can, have my respect anyway..✋

  5. Best wishes from me too, Harrie. Hope everything will turn in the right direction… All the best for you and your wife, Jürgen

  6. I know you’re both pleased it all worked out for the best. Continued healing to Annemieke.

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