1. She’s beautiful. Full of grace.
    And a song comes to me…

      • A very good weekend to you too, Harrie >>> LOL!!! hope you’re well stocked with Duvel >>> I know I am!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • I have a ‘Frontaal Rhodesian’ Barley Wine and a ‘Kompaan Handlanger’ India Pale Ale in the fridge 🙂 The first one is new to me; the 2nd one is ‘fresh-brewn’ especially for Beerwulf. Made me wonder why one would sell ‘un-fresh’ beers… 🙂 but that, most likely, will be a matter of time and money. Enjoy the Citra!

          • Enjoy the barley wine >>> if its anything like the ones I’ve seen here, it’ll be pretty strong – hic!!!! 😀

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