1. The darkness in this one is very nice, very evocative. (Continuing our discussion about Leiden, that sounds great! I was hoping to find your email but couldn’t, so if you are able to contact me privately that would be great. We’ll be in Leiden 4/4 [but jet-lagged that day] to 4/9, when we take a train to Ghent).

    • Thanks Lynn. My Emailadres is in the contact pulldown on top of my blog; or in Menu, when using a phone.. 7/4, 8/4 are totally ‘free’ data for me. Fun! 👍✋

  2. Powerful. And somewhat naturally glamorous.
    The darkness is indeed very evocative.

    • Evocative… in the full screen version you can spot the gnomes that live between the roots… 😉✋

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