1. Harrie, this could so easily be the Somerset Levels. A 🙂

    • ..Just after a ‘haircut’.. I have googled around some Somerset Levels-images and it looks pretty familiar; a bit more wet and this is a very small area named ‘Stadslandschap Hoekpolder’, in between a cemetery and a highway.

      • My Dutch geography is not the best – are you anywhere near the Polders, which Paula Graham thinks very Somerset-like???

        • I live on the West-coast in The Hague, on the East-side-edge of the city. This shot-spot is at a 10 minute walk from my front door. We Dutchman are very good at ‘impoldering’ so, lots of water is made profitable into land and there are a lot of polders, all over the country. This is a small one; the big ones, Paula is probably referring to, are more in the center of Holland; ‘taken’ from what once was called the ‘Southern Sea’, which is now called the ‘IJssel-lake’, after they finished the ‘Shut-off-dike’ 🙂 (Afsluitdijk) in the North in 1933..

          • Ah, I hadn’t realised that the Polders are a landscape feature rather than a specific place – also, love “shot-spot”, what a great word!!! Have actually had a look at a google map of Holland, so am a little less ignorant than I was! I think you Dutchmen are good at many things – I recall reading that Holland is the second biggest exporter of food in the world, after the USA – not bad going!!! 🙂

          • For the size of our country, we do some pretty good things… especially korfball. 😀

  2. I enjoyed the conversation with Adrian,… one advantage of getting here so late, maybe. Those trees will sprout a lot of small branches soon, right?

    • Yes, they will; in the old days they braided baskets with them; nowadays they keep them short to retain the characteristic view of the landscape..

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