1. Interesting. Because when I look at this image I think it means β€œfound.”

  2. For some reason, as I looked at the water, I thought of the little girl from the other day. Her face through the window.
    The lost child.
    Have a great day, Harrie. And thank you for your beautiful and sensitive pictures.

    • Thanks Caroline! Yes, those 2 shots might be related… Have a great day as well! πŸ™‚

  3. magnifique ce reflet de “verloren” qui en oublie la parole…sourire…merci harrie

  4. Ik ben me oren verloren
    ik liep langs het water
    keek me ogen uit
    de woorden op brak water
    geen letter kwam eruit
    nu zwemmen ze nog steeds
    het is me toch sterk water.

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