1. That’s from your artistic eye you see beauty no matter what the subject is

  2. Excellent capture, Harrie. Love how their legs mimic the lines in the ceiling. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, Jane. Yes, a bit strange ‘meeting’ on two rhythms … 🙄🖐

  3. Very interesting shot! The slanted figures almost look resigned, and as if they’re going to pass through those bands of light and dark.

    • Thanks Robert. ‘Resigned’ is good word for this one. I was framing through the viewfinder and with the 18mm wideangle attached, the little group of up going people gave the impression of being in some sort of procession… The deforming wideangle makes it look even harder… ✋

  4. Great perspective! And your processing is perfect for the shot. What a fun place to take photos. Like you said above in the comment, what the wide angle did with the people is fantastic.

    • Hi Lynn. Yes, very good building. The wideangle did a lot for this one; but then; why not, it’s a photo… 😉✋

  5. Yes, I agree about the people looking resigned – interesting shot. A 🙂

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