1. Lena said:

    It looks very inviting with the canals and I love old parts of any town. It is amazing to stroll there and think of all the stories the houses could tell, people how lived there and so on.

    • Then Delft is a good City for you 😉 But crowded with tourists, these days…

      • Lena said:

        I don’t like any other crowdes than the onces at a rock consert 😉

  2. The first picture makes me wish I could go for a walk around there… And dream a little.

  3. nannus said:

    It looks like I have to go back to Delft. I was there in the late 1970s, when my sister spent a couple of months there and I visited he there. Really an interesting place! Unbelievable that 40 years have passed.

  4. It’s a treat to see these, Harrie! Iike what you did with the bikes and the slightly blurred person in the last shot – great!

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