• De laatste 18 km, naar Aken hebben we niet gedaan; omdat we niet in meer verstedelijkt gebied wilden fietsen. En we hebben wat ‘zijtakken’ gefietst. De centrale as was de Vennbahn; vandaar de titel van de reeks. 👍✋

  1. markrenney2 said:

    I love that the remaining colours are still so vibrant amidst the decay.

    • Well, I might have helped them a little… but they caught my attention out there. The weirdest is that the text is mirrored… Thanks 👍✋

  2. You say you’ve “helped”?… well, it’s beautifully helped.

  3. Beautiful! And it reminds me of being in Leiden with you! 😉

    • 😂😂 Yes, I remember that you saw me jump on that ‘electricity thing’.. Well, that’s how it works… ✋

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