1. I like the photo a lot, Harrie. The yellow parts struck me like flowers decorating the black rectangle. But the words! Is this an idiom? “And life takes all its taste” doesn’t make much sense in English.

    • Thanks Linda; I don’t know about the words either; like you did, I translated it and came to the same conclusion… Maybe a French speaking friend will help is out. 😃✋

  2. That was a good spot! Let us know if you find out the true meaning….

    • Thanks very much, Linda, for doing a litle more research. I asked blogfriend Caroline and she came up with: ‘Alluding to an expression normally used with food, it is suggesting that doing a certain thing « brings out the full flavor of life”…’ As it was on the façade of an abandoned hotel-restaurant, we can assume now that they once served the most excellent food in there… See you! ✋

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