1. Lena said:

    I wonder how common it is with old trainstations and tracks, in Sweden we got a lot of them in small villages and by the coundtryside. I think it is kind of sad because they are often very inviting in there architecture or perhaps it is the nostalgic feeling it brings along? The first image is my favourite but I like them all.

    • The Netherlands are small and crowded.. old stuff is replaced by new as soon as possible; profit has to be made; no time for nostalgia.. Thanks Lena ✋

  2. Don said:

    “Once upon a time it was all happening here.” I love images that speak of what was. They tell such a story. Loved these images.

  3. I love the old railroad cars and the station, and you made these with the perfect low angle that accentuates the rust – they look great.

  4. Great sense of place– top and bottom images especially

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