1. Even when you´re thirsty, nobody should have to drink a beer with banana flavour! I think, the people who invented crazy flavour in beer should drink their s##t themselves 😉

  2. All the craft beers in the US are ridiculous “to me”. However, they seem to attract many with huge followings.
    I am clueless.

    Give me a Guinness.

    • Barry, you should try Duvel, a beer from Belgium, or its even better triple hop version >> Harrie and I thrive on it! Adrian 🙂

      • Yes Adrian, I have had Duvel. It is outstanding. The amount of alcohol is a killer!

    • We have quite a few small breweries overhere, run by people who have a passion for beer. Excellent beers, but you won’t find them outside the Netherlands..

  3. No, banana flavour doesn’t sound good to be either – maybe you’d better have an emergency Duvel in your backpack, Harrie!!! A 🙂

    • Bidon holders filled with Duvels… good thinking.. Must produce some great fountains after a bumpy track. 😂👍🍻✋

    • Volgens mij wel; maar ik ben sowieso niet zo’n witbier fan, er was echter vrijwel geen keuze daar… Mijn favoriete witbier is IJ-wit van de IJ brouwerij in Amsterdam. 👍🍻✋

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