1. by the way: I was born in the town where this beer gets brewed. neumarkt in bavaria. I´ve lived there my first 20 years of my life. at least a fews years this drink had helped me to become stronger and stronger…

    • 😃 Sorry I said something nasty about it… You made me visit their website; they have more beers to choose from, without the added banana flavor I hope… Cheers! 🍻🍻🍻

  2. well to be honest, i prefer other beers; but thats not the only reason why i left my hometown… 😉🙂
    cheers harrie! i will open an bottle of beer now!
    have a nice relaxed sunday night and a good weekstart tomorrow.
    here in berlin lot´s of rain and storm…

    • Me too.. And yeah, let’s open an other bottle 😂👍 Cheers🍻 The wind has calmed down overhere.. ✋

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