1. I like this one a lot, Harrie. I like how the lighter parts lead to the figure and how the figure is held in a semi-circle of light parts. There’s a mood of contemplation here, with the figure possibly lost in thought.

    • Much appreciated, Linda. I can agree with your words. It’s my wife actually; we were down there all by ourselfs. I remember the moment very well, because I was hoping that she would not move while I was taking the shot.. ☺✋

  2. Can I say this has that trademark Harrie intensity? Obviously, not al your photos are intense, but there’s a certain dramatic intensity that I see in some that I associate with you somehow, and this one – wow. Wonderful!!

    • You can.. 😂 Thank you Lynn! I’m very glad this moment got to me.. one of my favorites. 👍✋

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