1. Don said:

    Lovely image and title description.

    • I saw Hitchcock’s Birds when I was quite young; always pops up at moments like this… I’m not scared or something, but biking along them is just slightly different. Thanks 😃✋

      • I saw that film when very young too – it has haunted me ever since 🙂 Love birds but completely and utterly phobic of them.

        I can imagine the feeling of biking alongside them – their beady eyes boring into you and their beaks ready to peck 🙂 🙂

  2. A crow in any shot is a “great shot”. Crows rock the town.

  3. Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy your pictures? I guess I did. ;o)
    Let me add this : I often feel like, had I been there, I might have taken the same.
    It’s a matter of poetry maybe.
    Thank you, Harrie. For being there.

    • You make me blush, Caroline.. 🙄 Thanks for being here.. 👍✋

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