1. I can see them in WP. It probably depends on the monitor settings. Nice shot 🙂

    • Thanks! I have reloaded a slightly lighter version… 😃 If I compare the shot-in-Lightroom; the exported JPG and the shot in WP; the first 2 look identical; but the last one is a bit darker when viewed on the same monitor… It is only a problem with subtle details in very dark parts.

  2. Lena said:

    Your liiiiineeees!!! But You already knew I would like them!

  3. Well, Harrie, hate to say it – it goes against all my loyalties! – but I prefer the darker version, which I think wonderfully surreal! Are you still going to wish me a good weekend, Harrie??? Well I’m wishing you one, anyway! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Ooochh, that truely hurts, Adrian…. FortunateIy I got me a box with 18 Emelisse tripleIPA’s from Mr Hop this afternoon. ‘Your day just got a whole lot better’ it says on the box… my kind of humor. So, with this in stock, to back me up, I give you the benefit of the doubt: Cheers for the weekend, Amigo! 🍻😂✋

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