• Het is ook fascinerend dat bomen zover doorgroeien dat ze zichzelf te gronde richten…

  1. This is great in black and white. 🙂 Today I heard a report on the radio about a DJ in your country who got a bunch of other DJs from many (OK, 31!!) countries to all play “You’ll Never Walk Alone” – it really made me miss the Netherlands. That great Dutch spirit of friendliness and intelligent positivity really impressed us. We need some of that over here!

    • I take that as an invitation.. 😂 but unfortunately I don’t have the money. Some doubts have risen about our Dutch mentality overhere, since the supermarkets have run out of pasta, rice, toilepaper, etc. due to ruthless ‘hamsteren’ (hoarding). Yesterday, on the other hand, some supermarkets have introduced a special openinghour for old people (70+), to give them first choice and a quiet shopping time. Thanks for liking us and the shot… 😃 I liked the drama better in b&w. ✋

      • We have experienced exactly the same thing – certain idiots are hoarding certain things, but stores are getting creative, with special hours for old guys like us and other concessions. The best espresso in town is still available and sometimes I can actually enter, get coffee (in my own mug), pay, and leave without touching a single thing other than my own mug and my own credit card. Open doors and clever baristas who pour without touching…I don’t know how long that will last. 🙂

        • Weird times; enjoy your coffee as long as you can, Lynn! 👍✋

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