1. Beautiful Harrie, and it looks so dry – almost desert-like.

    • Hey Lynn! How is life in the Corona days… Nobody I know is sick yet but the country is acting at a low level. Postmen can’t work at home so my dayly schedule hasn’t changed much. Hospitals are helping a slowly increasing number of infected people and are preparing te be able to treat more. This shot was taken last October at the Leersummer Heather, where we had rented a small cottage for the third year. It’s a sandy, ‘needlewoody’.. area, that suffers a bit from a low grounwater level, due to the hotter, dryer Summers we had the last years. This is where my fallen trees series started 3 years ago. Some of them have become some sort of friends, who’s ‘sickbed’ I visit every year to see how they are fading. Well, they are fading very, very slow and nobody is making a fuss about it… Stay healthy and don’t die when it grabs you! 😉✋

      • I shared this with Joe…he likes “Don’t die when it grabs you.” 😉 I’d rather not be grabbed. We’re OK and are still able to go to the grocery store and take walks in the parks. There are only a few cases in our county but surrounding counties have more. We like our little hospital – we’ve been there a few times and they seem very good. Sometimes small is beautiful, right? But still, I’d rather we both stay away from it. Take care!

        • Hey, Joe… 🍻✋ Yes, it’s better to stay away from it. This weekend lot’s of people went out to enjoy the Sunshine. Understandable, but not smart in a crowded, small country. Today the government tightened the preventional rules. Three is a crowd and not allowed anymore; the police can give you a fine… We have 4749 known cases at the moment so far and 213 people died from it; 34 in the last few days. All events have been canceled until June now… Yes, most of the time small is beautiful; except for viruses. Take care! 👍✋

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