1. Almost feels like a coyote slept here…all the details of the greens like a nest 🤓💚 have a joyful day Harrie 💫

    • Great Greens… would be too wet for a coyote down there I guess… Thanks Hedy! 😃👍✋

  2. Beautiful greens with the pops of white flowers. Very serene, Harrie.

  3. Another wonderful picture of greens and textures – you’re on a roll, my friend! 🙂

  4. Lena said:

    It looks like someone has been sleeping in the grass. Another green image of mindfulness.

  5. There’s something special about the picture. Inviting and beautiful.

  6. I like seeing the grass matted down like this – I always wonder what caused it and it always looks beautiful. You captured that so well.

    • Thanks Lynn! Might even be the wind. These grasses have a rough skin which might make it possible for the grass sprigs to ‘fix a windstroke’… Might be just my fantasy… 😃✋

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