1. I like this a lot too – the light on those cut trunks is beautiful, and the green backdrop balances it very nicely. 🙂

  2. Lena said:

    An old path where the Vikings moved their boats from on stream to another 😀 But to be serious, it looks like some kind of stairs with all those branches/stems on the trail, it is lovely.

  3. this is an adventure…and yes a piano I can almost hear it too Harrie…have peaceful day ~ smiles hedy

    • 😃 Thanks Hedy; it was a little adventure.. Have a fine Sunday! 👍✋

  4. Kom gerust naar Winterswijk
    zomer herfst lente winter
    de bomen gaan voor u plat

    • ..en liggen aan uw voeten,
      maar dat beperkt u wel
      al bij het modderwroeten.. 👍✋

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