1. Jag said:

    What happened here? I can’t se any image in the reader this time, I have to click three times before it appears. The same thing with other bloggers if there is just one pic, like the latest post of Stadtauge. What is Wp doing? I don’t like it alt al.l

  2. Love the bokeh! Regarding your image’s absence from the Reader, when it happened to mine yesterday I found that ‘centering’ the image made it appear.

    • Thanks! And may be I forgot.. but centering is one of my routines.. I found my way with the block editor… but this is weird.

  3. Wriemelende takjes of zijn dit de hoofdharen (slangen) van Medusa ?? (ik weet het wel, mijn fantasie slaat soms op hol 😉 )

    • Laat maar op hol slaan; dat is beter dan fantasieloos.. 😃👍✋

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