1. Quelle est belle cette photo, peinture de nature…sourire…

  2. What a very attractive and unusual image! Love it 🙂

    • I like ‘kroos’ and just found out that it’s called ‘duckweed’ in English. Funny.. and it looks good as well, especially when hit by hard sunlight. 😃✋

  3. The way the “river” in the plants (or is this algae?) contains fragments of the surface reminds me of how “my” Leptothrix discophora films do the same thing. Interesting.

    • It’s Duckweed, Linda; and I can understand the familiarity you see. It made me think of cracks in between ice fields around the North pole.. ✋

  4. As one plankton said to it’s travel buddy :
    Let’s take the P Highway to get there… it’s a gorgeous water road.
    We can even take the detour, it’s never a waste of time.

  5. Lena said:

    Is this perhaps your interpretation of (love-)letters in the sand? Very cool image and I wonder what the *D* stand for 🙂

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