• Yes; it was almost a circle.. with a 2nd circle around it, made by the footsteps of people who walk around it.. 👍✋

        • 😃 Wish I had a drone to fly straight above it.. or even better: wings! 😅✋

          • Haha, yes. Would you like to invest in a drone?

          • No, not really; too much technical skills needed; not my cup of tea.. 🙂

  1. Beautiful image. I happen to like volcanic craters. Bodies of water formed in them are quite fascinating, especially large lakes. I hope you’re having a good Thursday.

  2. Hier is ooit een joekel van een steen uit de hemel geflikkerd !
    Of was het Thor, die met zijn krijgshamer, Mjölnir, aan het bakkeleiën was ??
    Indrukwekkend !

  3. This is beautiful, Harrie. I love the way the trees grow where the water drained out a little. I I wonder when you were there? Sorry I’ve been absent!

    • 👍 June 2010; having my third renaissance in shots at the moment.. ✋

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