1. If it were my mountain to name, I would call it The milking breast.

  2. Did you get a chance to climb any of the hills you’ve been showing in the last few posts?

    • The bus was heading for some sort of basecamp for people with ultra light equipment. From there we hiked around for a while. A breathtaking experience! Shots will be posted the coming weeks. ✋

  3. Het beklimmen van deze lava reuzen moet qua natuur gevoel heel intens zijn !
    Iedereen die gevoel heeft met de natuur Ên die de IJslandse rondreis meemaakt zal dit beamen !

    • Hi and welcome. Thanks! It’s a breathtaking country.. more ‘beautiful subtle colours’ to come. 👍✋

      • I also wanted to travel there…no it seems more difficult than ever…

        • I have been there only once; in June 2010. Fortunately I was there with a small group; including some Icelandic people who had arranged a bus and a driver that brought us to places where you normally don’t come as an average tourist. I don’t know how things are at the moment.

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