1. Wonderbaar om te zien hoe dat ginder op een paar uur kan droog staan en s’avonds kan je erin verzuipen.
    Zalig land van tegenstellingen !

    • Was ik er maar zo lang geweest, om dat te kunnen onderschrijven. Gemaakt tijdens ‘plasstop’ van de bus. Maar je hebt helemaal gelijk. 👍✋

  2. I’m curious Harrie did you live in Iceland? It’s an amazing place…I’ve always wanted to see the Icelandic horses…have a creative day ~ sending joy hedy ☺️💫

    • No; would have liked to, though.. I once saw a ‘Ring des Nibelungen’ movie; with scenes from Iceland, because Bruhnhilde was queen there. Knocked me down and in 2010 a dream came true. I could join friends who went there because friends of them got married. After that, they had arranged a bus trip to lots of wonderful places. Amazing opportunity ! Concerning the Icelandic horses; there is a movie: ‘Of Horses and Men by Benedikt Erlingsson (available on DVD), that you might enjoy. It’s a tragicomedy about a small Icelandic community where those horses play an important role. It’s a bit more tragi than comedy; but who cares. Sending joy back to you, Hedy! 💚✋

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