• 🙃 Lost in a wood; definitely dead then.. 👍✋

  1. And that day,
    looking at a dead tree,
    it became clear that souls
    find multiple and beautiful ways

  2. Deze foto vind ik ÊÊn van je beste die ik tot nu toe heb gezien.
    Dit is mooie & pure kunst in mijn ogen !

  3. Great picture! I am still guessing what kind of animal it is 😉

    • The horse I see is ‘en profil’… ‘en face’ I see some kind of wolf that reminds of the movie Avatar.. Thanks! 👍✋

      • I have to think of a kind of dragon 🙂 Or horse, true.

  4. PNCO said:

    Very interesting structure. Love the way you’ve used the light here. Really brings out the structures

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