1. I’m excited to see the rest of these shots, Harri. btw: I’ve made color corrections in Lightroom without any problems’
    I used the eyedropper and the Hue. Saturation sliders as well as the color temp slider. Usually just one of these tools will do the trick.

    • Thanks Ken! And yes, LR has useful possibilities for color corrections. I ended up in b&w because that turned the ‘old qualities’ of the slides into a nostalgic atmosphere that suited the shots. πŸ‘βœ‹

      • I just thought of something else: If you have the latest version of Photoshop, there is an interesting neural filter that colorizes B&W shots. I tried it on some old prints I scanned and it works quite well.

  2. Dirk said:

    De Z/W omzettingen geven de foto’s een tikje van terug ontdekt en ooit vergeten gevoel.
    Een vleugje eerlijke nostalgie als het ware !

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