1. Dirk said:

    In de linker beneden hoek meen ik een opengaand reptiel oog te zien….
    in de rechter benedenhoek zie ik een ander niet nader bekend dierlijk oog opduiken…
    Maar wat een schat aan vrolijke lente kleuren !! 😊

  2. Those leaves look just like the leaves of a yellow wildflower that grows on a sandy beach near here. I love the colors in this photo. 🙂

    • Yes, my kind of colors too. Normally there is water here.. these two plants manage to grow on very wet soil. Vegetation follows humidity which brings landscapes without hard edges and beautiful gradients.

      • OK, so it must be a different plant because the one I was thinking of grows on sandy soil that often dries out, at least in summer. Beautiful gradients, exactly. Did I ever tell you how much I admire your ability to speak and write in a second language so well? It’s impressive. 🙂

        • I guess so; I don’t know much about plants; but I love their visual qualities. 👍 You once said something nice about my second language abilities.. The Netherlands are a very small country, so if we want to get along in the big world, we need to speak other languages, because nobody understands Dutch. English, German and French are taught in our middle school in the first 3-4 years; then you can drop one or to of them; depending on what you need for the study you want do. Thanks again.. 🙃👍✋

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