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The Fact

The Fact

That morning we left our ‘Ferienhaus’ in ‘Eifelpark Kronenburger See’ and biked West. We followed the ‘Kylltal-Radweg’ to the border with Belgium. In Belgium it changed it’s name in ‘RAVeL L45a’. It was a nice ride through glowing, green hillsides. And then there was that wooden sign, while I was biking a little behind. ‘Wasserb├╝ffel’, it said… In a wood in Belgium… Amazed I looked down the slope and there, in a yellow ocher mud-pool, they were; real water buffalo’s… It all happened in a split second; I looked forward again, to share the excitement with my wife; but she had stopped abruptly and there wasn’t enough time in that split second to avoid a collapse. She immediately knew that things were wrong; broken left wrist. Twenty minutes later we were in an ambulance, heading for the hospital in Sankt Vith, while two very nice and helpful Dutch people took care of our bikes… The people in the hospital were kind and relaxed; and pretty soon it was clear that surgery was needed… I was worried; felt guilty and had a moment that I truly hoped that it was all a bad dream; but is was not… although I didn’t have a scratch…

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