• Think so too; this one is from 2010.. It used to be orange, by the way: In 2015/2016, Rotterdam was celebrating 75 years of Reconstruction (the hart of the city was heavily bombed in the 2nd world war) with a cultural event. These 3500 little flags used to be shiny orange and ‘complete’. This is what is left of it, due to influences of the sun, rain and wind.

      • Those ideas people have sometimes… Like those padlocks on le Pont des Arts in Paris… One of the worst ones I’ve witnessed.
        The art of ruining beauty.
        Right now, in Montreal, they’re contemplating changing our warm orange street lamps for blue tinted LED type ones… Not only is it controversial as far as health is concerned, but I can’t imagine my nightly walks under that cold lighting…
        Aside from health concerned folks, some architects and designers are speaking against it… I hope the people at the city come to their senses and open their eyes…
        To be continued.

  1. Gave lucht heb je hier! Prachtig in combinatie met de brug!

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