No Spain

The Bridge of Espills

The Bridge of Espills

Normally I would take a break for a while and go to Tercui, in Spain for a couple of weeks. This year that is not going to happen, unfortunately. Lots of snow in the winter and a lot of heavy rain during the last months, have turned the rivers into pretty wild streams; and the bridge to Tercui is too far under the water surface, to pass savely with a normal car. The shot is from the next bridge, for the road to Espills, a few miles up stream. So, we go to the Eifel in Germany.. last minute. Will be fun too. See you!

  1. nannus said:

    For weeks, northern Germany (and I guess, the Netherlands as well) have seen very little rain and very hot weather (for spring). Now we see where the water came down that was missing here.
    The Eifel is also a nice area, geologically (volcano crater lakes, limestone with fossiles…) and culturally (you may visit Burg Eltz, or have some nice Wine at the Mosel 🙂 ). Or just go hiking on the Eifelsteig trail. Its some time ago that I was there, but I liked the area.

    • Thanks, Nannus. I’m totally prepared for the “Teufelsschlucht’… 😄✋

  2. Wild streams have the potential to carry away, Harrie. Looking forward to the new series!

    • 🙂 This one mainly carried away cars from bridges… See you!

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