1. Don said:

    Love the image. The water looks all iced up. Is that what gives the water such a smooth texture? Your images have a lovely moody character about them.

    • It was all ice. Near the bridge the ice was darker; had a different structure… and somehow reflected the colors of the sky ‘a little extra’. That’s what I like to do; go out empty headed and shoot what speaks to me. Thanks for the appreciation, Don!

    • That’s what the shot shows; but… this was taken on 24-01-2019; one of our rare Winter days. The next day it went up to 7+ degrees; and we haven’t seen any snow or ice since then. It’s sunny at the moment, but quite windy. See you!

  2. That weather, that light, that air… often make for such great contrasts.

  3. Lena said:


  4. I see above that this was taken in January – that’s a relief! 😉

    • 😀 Ahh, you are ‘traveling’ back in time, of course…. It’s sunny and +12 at the moment.

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