1. Jag said:

    Great abstract – stunning colors!

    • Thanks Adrian! Amazing what is going on on those old trains… The only thing I do, is frame the parts that speak to me; and enhance the colors/textures in LR, till they ‘feel good’.. πŸ»βœ‹

    • Thanks Michael; thought so too, when I saw ‘them’.. βœ‹

  2. Beautiful colours and patterns! What a great find πŸ™‚

  3. Wow. Beautiful.
    And I see one guy, his profile, very clearly.
    Neat hallucinatory stuff.
    Oh, and a second guy in the lower part.

  4. Lena said:

    This one was a little hard trying to look in full screen, but never the less it is another amazing image, like a part of a map of Mars.

    • Yes; it might be some kind of map. Thanks Lena! πŸ‘βœ‹

  5. This is really beautiful, Harrie. What a good choice to keep it long and narrow – wonderful!!

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