1. Lena said:

    What du you think of the exhibition? Your images says it was really great organized, but that may depend only on your images.

    • They did a good job. I’m not a fan of all his movies and I haven’t seen all of them. So the Tarkovsky exhibition was more impressive to me. And Scorsese was more crowded, which I don’t prefer; but I kept the crowd out of the shots. ✋

  2. Kaya said:

    Yesterday I thought about this exhibition and about Martin Scorsese and all his movies he made. He also was one of my favorite filmmakers and still is. You are so lucky to attend these great exhibitions and make all these fantastic photographs!

    • Thanks Kaya. And thanks to EYE, our filmmuseum; who program al these wonderfull exhibitions. And I’m lucky to walk around there with my camera. ✋

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