1. nannus said:

    Looks like I will have to spend holidays in Veluwe some time. I really like this landscape!

    • 🙃👍 One of the best nature areas we have left. Especially when you like to bike, as you once did with you father. There are many beautiful bike tracks available. https://www.fietsknoop.nl/planner shows a map with all the ‘number-nods’. The Dutch Fietsersbond has an app for planning a route; but I rather use the map to find my own way. In combination with Google Maps satellite view, I pick the numbers; write them on a piece of paper and off we go… that way you don’t have to use your phone all the time. Well, if you go, have fun!

      • nannus said:

        Thanks for the hints. Yes, I like bike riding. Being somehow oldfassioned (although I am a computer programmer), I don’t even have a smartphone, so as long as I have a map (and a computer with internet at home) I am fine. We have some similar areas here in northern Germany, it is a type of landscape I like very much. I think I will actually go to Veluwe one time, by car that is just about 3 and a half hours from where I live. I just crossed the area in one or two days and that is 45 years ago. Time for a return, maybe actually next year or in two years. Thanks for bringing that memory back and giving me that idea for a holiday by sharing your pictures here.

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